•  Hypnosis is successfully used to solve the everyday problems that become stumbling blocks to success and happiness.
  • Hypnosis can be used to:

      Reduce stress

      Stop smoking

      Manage Pain

      Explore past lives

      Lose weight

      Prepare for surgery

      Build self confidence

      Overcome fears

      Enhance memory

      Improve athletic ability

      Remove exam anxiety

      And much more......

I am Marion Nankin, and you call me at 941 7 76-1140 or email me at marianahypnosis@aol.com






Marion hypnotized me.  That was October 19, 2008, and I have not touched a cigarette nor have I felt the urge.  My family is happy and I am happy and life is so much more enjoyable without the smoke and bad choices.  I thank Marion for that. 

 .... Ulene C.

In 2004 I had a health issue, a large tumor on the upper right thoracic section of my torso.  Scans were inconclusive as to whether the tumor was cancerous or benign.  I was going in for surgery and my stress level was quite hight.  I called on Marion to help me through this.  Marion proceeded to hypnotize me, and prepared a pre-op tape for me to listen to every day for 3 weeks before the surgery.  Marion also prepared a post-surgery tape  for me to use while I was recovering.  She called me the night before the surgery for a telephone hypnosis session.  The surgery went very well.  The tumor was benign, and the doctor said I recovered very quickly from the surgery.  I believe the wisdom and guidance that Marion provided was a big help in both my preparing for the surgery and my recovery.  I recommend her very highly.

.... Karen P.